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Hi just found this site and this post, i have owned a 120 for 6 months now, i have flown helis for 15 years and spent many hours making moth conversions of the good old piccolo and other helis.
when i brought the 120 the guy in the shop didnt even want to demo it and gave me no promises, i took the chance and walked away with it .
After my first hop i did the following

1. cut down landing gear
2. removed all stickers
3. removed tail fin thingy
4. cut down tail rotor protector rod
5. do not fit sticker to blades THIS IS A BIG NO NO
6. spend a few minutes setting the blade tension (screws) or she will not fly.
7. set pitch on tail rotor

after this she should fly nice and about 12 mins, i love the thing and she is almost hands off and circuits well in my living room, unbeatable heli

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