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This project is looking very promissing. I unplugged the navigation lights and the tail motor from the receiver and was able to remove the two halves from the mechanics.

A look at underneath the mechanics shows that the landing gear/battery tray structure is mounted to the mechanics via four screws.

It look's like all I'll need to do, is with carefull measureing, make an adaptor plate to go from these four screws to the plate, and from the plate, mount the Airwolf's landing gear/battery tray structure.

I still have not yet figured out how to mount the fuselage onto it's new mechanics, but at least I've figured out how to do the landing gear bit's. Hopefully if everything lines up right, I can use at least the front mounting points and would just have to fabricate the rear mounting points. I'm going to guess it won't line up and a custom mount will be needed for both ends.
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