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Default Airwolf collection

I decided to post this under off-topic since this forum is about tiny-RC. My Dad and I just finished my large 30-size Airwolf helicopter. This was a helicopter we purchased about two years ago in Utah on our way home from California. This was originally painted in a god-awefull camoflauged paint scheme which was totally incorrect and WRONG for Airwolf. Plus, it was a stinky, smelly gas-powered job.
During the two years, we converted it from stinky gas-powered to brushless electric powered and had a professional painter-friend repaint it in the appropiate brown/white Airwolf colors. Everybody always think's Airwolf is a black/white helicopter cause that's what we see in tv. In actuality, the tv just makes it look darker than it actually is which is an 80's metallic brown.
Anyway, here are some pic's of my new big Airwolf and a video of it's first hover with retracting the wheels. Always a cool feature on model helicopters!

And the video of the big one.......................
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