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Default Scale fuselages on Co-axial helicopters

Hello there. I love scale fuselages. I like flying/watching people fly models of the real thing. I'm not so much into flying a stick, or a pod and boom.
Co-axial helicopters are awesome for beginners and for seasoned flyers as they are so naturally stable in design, that you dont' have to "fight" with the helicopter to keep it in the air. I use my co-axials to help train me the different orientations, such as flying nose-in, or side-in.
Co-axials also make for great micro-sized indoor flyers such as the Eflite MCX and other similar products.
HOWEVER! Here is my beef with co-axials. 99% real life helicopters are conventional type. Meaning they have one set of main rotor, and a tail rotor. So when trying to get a scale fuselage on a co-axial helicopter, sure it's cool to hover around an Airwolf or a Hughs 500, but the co-axial bit really takes away from the scale appearance that made the scale part enjoyable in the first place!
HOWEVER AGAIN! There is ONE true co-axial attack helicopter made by a Russian company and it is certainly an awesome beast! Why doesn't ANYBODY make any scale fuselages of this bird? This would be the best, and most perfect, realistically scaled fuselage for ANY co-axial RC helicopters! Please see attached photo!

Imagine having this scale fuselage mounted on your Eflite MCX flying around your living room! I e-mailed the owner of www.Micro-Flight.com and suggested that he make this fuselage for our co-axials!
How much would you pay for a truely scaled co-axial?
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that is sweet! would like to fly that but i just not good at flying heli's what would be a good trainer heli?
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Old 03-06-2009, 02:13 AM
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The Eflite MCX is one of the cheapest and best you can get. About less than $200 you can get a ready to fly Eflite MCX. It's a wonderful micro helicopter that you can easily fly around in your living room. That is only one suggestion. Basically, ANY co-axial designed helicopters are great trainers as they are naturally more stable to fly. Eflite has a larger co-axial from their Blade series, but the MCX is perfect for living room flying.
After a few hours of flying, you might get bored with the typical MCX look and might want to upgrade it. Web site called www.Micro-Flight.com has some great stuff for the little bird.
I would also invest in one of the high-end RC-flight simulators for your computer. They are 99% realistic and are great way to train your brain without the cost of crashing your toy's. So start with the simulators and co-axials, and you'll be on your way.
This is why I mentioned this helicopter as it would be a perfect scale fuselage for co-axials since the real thing is a co-axial design! Sadly, have not seen ANY such fuselgaes for helicopters.
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Old 03-06-2009, 02:21 AM
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Here's another view for you to drool on.
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