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Eflite's newest MSR. This is a very neat little helicopter.
It is a same size as the MCX, and shares the same swash plate. It is a step up from the MCX in that as you notice, it is NOT co-axial type! This is more conventional type helicopter with the fly-bar at that odd angle of which tends to help with stability. Dad and I are not sure why this helicopter has succeeded where other micro's have failed. Perhaps Eflite has learned from the other's?
This is definitely one worth getting. Comes in both RTF and BTF models. Ready to fly comes with everything you need. Bind To Fly is just the helicopter, charger, and two lipo batteries. What's more, is the charger is very unique in that it has the ability to charge four batteries at once! I posted some photo's for you, and even did a little video of it. While it's an easy bird to fly, it was not easy keeping it in video-view! LOL! Enjoy!
Here it is next to my 1/43 Dnano.

And, here's a link to the video.
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