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Default Kyosho Minium Cessna 210 Centurio

this is a tale of tragedy unfortunately.

i bought mine during the summer as it was on sale with part of a bonus from work. wife saw the bill and was not happy so it became my b-day present, maybe even x-mas, i don't recall anymore but it was well over 6 months from the time i bought it to the time i actually got to use it.

i had the perfect day one weekend, warm weather, little to no wind so i charged up the plane for the first time, got the tx ready and spent a good hour or so flying the plane in the front yard with the kids. i must have gone thru about 4-5 charges before tragedy struck. we were doing a nice low pass over the driveway and my brothers dog saw his chance and pounced, snatching the plane right out of the air breaking it. i can not put into words how shocked and sad i was. i had bought the plane and stared at it for months and months, finally got the chance to play with it and before the day was over it lay in ruins.

i was so hurt over the incident i vowed not to buy another despite the offer to replace it by my parents, my brother is tooo young to pay for it.

i'm left with lovely memories of touch and goes over the drive way, rolling take off's and long slow flights around the yard as well as watching my kids take turns flying it more naturally than i could (thanks to growing up with gaming systems likely) and the emotional trauma of having that joy snatched from me the same day.

here is my gallery of pictures while i had it.

this is what the day started with

here is what i was left with and sold off
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OUCH! That's gotta hurt, sorry about that arch. In our club, I've seen some people take the electronics out of this airplane and out of balsa wood they scratch build their own airplanes! Really awesome work. I'm looking forward to seeing how their new helicopter version fly's. My Dad is currently at the AMA model convention in California and he just reported to me that their coming out with a collective pitch version of this heli.
Hope you get another one soon, their alot of fun to fly! Just make sure the dog ain't near it!
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R, even though I'd heard this story when it happened, I was again saddened to hear it!
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