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Default Caliber 120 Features


Completely assembled Readyset includes newly developed 4-channel 2.4GHz KT-20 radio control system and special Lithium Polymer battery pack.
Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 75-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band for ultra-safe control. Up to 25 aircraft or helicopters can be flown at the same time.
Connects automatically once transmitter is registered to the receiver. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment).
Transmitter features new design built-in antenna that delivers more effective signal emission.
Display shows values of the 19-step digital trim settings which are also indicated with tone signals.
Transmitter can be paired and used with 2nd or even 3rd Minium aircraft.
Advanced design features two special servos, receiver, motor control amp and gyro in an ultra lightweight structure.
Cored motor delivers the necessary torque for the main rotor while a coreless motor produces optimal response from the tail.
Transmitter features built-in quick battery charger that can be used while the transmitter is used for flight control.
Chose Mode I or Mode II flight styles, which is shown on the display.
Push in the elevator stick to turn Expert Mode ON/OFF to use the dual-rate function for adjusting the aileron and rudder angle.
Transmitter can be used with both the MINIUM AD airplane or helicopter series. **Cannot be used with 3-channel MINIUM airplane.
Swash plate mechanism enables control movement around the roll and pitch axis, just like large size helicopters. Inclusion of gyro also provides sure control of the tail.
Lightweight structure optimizes strength and flexibility to realize an easy-to- fly, robust and convenient machine.
Transmitter also features built-in battery charger. Connect to the Li-Po battery with the charger cable and the charger cuts out automatically when battery is fully charged. Charger function can be used while operating as transmitter.
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Hi there Tim! My Dad is currently visiting the AMA model show in California as we speak and he reported to me that THIS micro helicopter will soon have collective pitch? Is this true? Also any possibility of scale fuselages for this micro-wonder?
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