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Default Caliber 120 Help

Hello all,

I understand that i am potentially openning a can of radioactive destructo worms with this post, but i would like some help.

I understand many think this little heli doesnt work or requires a lot of balancing adjusting just to get it to fly, however, i am the type of person that must win over machine, and yes i would like to learn to fly this thing.

That part i can do with my time, however i have a question which any experienced heli flyer (not me yet) can answer. Firstly i understand that it is essential to spend time balancing and adjusting the heli so it has the best chance of flying, but my problem is that the heli always spins counter clockwise, no matter what the trim setting. I am sure something has failed or broken, but i wonder can anyone tell me what has broken?

I am very greatful for any help or suggestion. I am willing to spend more money on spares so hit me with the bad or good news.

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